Who we are

Leaders in production of microorganisms

More than 25 years as microorganisms producers.
ATENS is a family business created in 1994, with the main objective of producing Mycorrhiza for sustainable agriculture.
Nowadays, Atens is the biggest producer of Mycorrhiza in-vivo and Trichoderma by solid medium using bioreactors.

Our Philosophy

Our strength is at our root

Since the foundation of Atens, in 1994, we have assumed the leadership of the industry in terms of knowledge about the use of microorganisms in agriculture.
Today, Atens stands as a pioneer company in the production of in-vivo Mycorrhizae and Trichodermas, playing a protagonist role in the new trends of sustainalility and Zero Residue agriculture and leading the category through a policy of intense investments in technology and tireless innovation



Leaders in knowledge about Mycorrhiza and Trichoderma.
Alliances and collaborations with prestigious Research centers and Universities.
Pioneers in the usage of Omic Sciences in agriculture

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Producers with superior quality

Superior quality as the main success factor. Producer of our own microorganisms. Control over the entire production cycle.
Invest to grow. Atens works with last generation technology, usually used in the pharma field.

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Zero Residue products, without safety periods, without maximum residues and always respecting the auxiliary fauna.
Signatory of the Circular Economy Pact. Committed with the 2050 Food Challenge.

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We are producers

The ATENS production plant is located in the municipality of La Riera de Gaià (Tarragona, Spain) with modern facilities that incorporate the latest advances in biotechnology.

Technology is crucial in the biotechnology market. Strong investments in the latest available technologies are made year after year to improve processes and products.

As producers, we have complete control of the entire production cycle. Our “live” products are meticulously reproduced in greenhouses or bioreactors.

Our History

25 years as Mycorrhiza producers

Founded in 1994, ATENS is the world’s largest company in the in vivo production of beneficial microorganisms for agriculture.

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