Tricoten WP

Tricoten WP is composed of Trichoderma atroviride. It is a saprophytic fungus that quickly colonizes the rhizosphere and act as an antifungal agent improving
plant health and development.


Trichoderma atroviride AT10 5×10⁸ spores/

Mode of action

On Pathogenic Fungi

  • It can act against the fungal pathogens primary occupying the space and resources especially in the soil.
  • Producing natural substances with antibiotic action.
  • Direct action over pathogens includes mycoparasitism.
  • TricotenWP can feed on pathogenic fungi.

In crops

  • Enhanced plant tolerance to abiotic stresses.
  • Improves and maximizes root development.
  • Increased nutrient utilization due to the production of enzymes and metabolites.

Registered for




Lettuce & other salads

Natural disease control

New and exclusive strain

Registered in Europe

Residue Free

No waiting period

Enviromentally friendly

Low risk substance

Reproduction of Trichoderma in Atens

Solid-medium bioreactors that ensure stable Trichoderma production in a completely automated process. Proprietary technology to guarantee superior Trichoderma spore quality for performance in the field.

Advantages of the production method

  1. Extended shelf life.
  2. High spore concentration and stability: Better establishment in the soil.
  3. Thicker spore cell wall: Greater resistance to UV radiation.
  4. Application in a wide range of soil temperature and pH.