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ASIR is an all-inclusive product with beneficial microorganisms that enhances and balance the growth of your crops, while keeping them protected

ASIR is a unique solution in the market, the result several years of R&D.

ASIR is a product developed and patented (WO2018134465A1). The plant fiber contained in ASIR provides greater water availability to plants and rhizosphere microorganisms while preventing the leaching of nutrients during episodes of excessive irrigation.

ASIR, beneficial microorganisms to enhance the plant from the roots.


  • Enhances the root system
    The mycorrhizas included in ASIR generate a symbiosis with the roots of the plant, developing an enhanced radicular system that increases the absorption of water and nutrients.
  • Promotes a balanced growth
    A crop with mycorrhizas grows uniformly, and improves the health and resistance against several types of issues.
  • Helps to protect the roots
    The trichoderma included in each tablet contributes to protect the root system against various types of stress in the early stages of the crop.
  • Stimulates the plant
    The inclusion of plant-derived organic substances stimulates the development of the plants, minimizing the stress produced by the transplant.


Total Mycorrhiza: 650 spores/tablet
Mycorrhiza Rhizoglomus irregulare BEG72: 50 spores/g
Mycorrhiza Funneliformis mosseae BEG234: 50 spores/g
Trichoderma koningii TK7: 1 x 10⁷ UFC/g
Rhizosphere bacteria (PGPR):
• Bacillus megaterium MHBM77: 1 x 10⁷ UFC/g
• Bacillus megaterium MHBM06: 1 x 10⁷ UFC/g

NPK fertilizer: 8-6-4
Organic matter: 50%
Packaging of 50 or 300 TABLETS


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Compatibility between Micorriza and Trichoderma

Some strains of Trichoderma are compatible with arbuscular mycorrhizae, however, others are not. It is important to be sure that the Trichoderma that we intend to apply with the mycorrhiza does not compete with it and that both can coexist in the rhizosphere.

When these two organisms, Trichoderma and mycorrhiza, are compatible, joint inoculation generates a positive synergy for plant growth. One of the best known effects is that the promotion of root growth caused by Trichoderma can cause mycorrhization to occur earlier. Similarly, radical exudates from a mycorrhized root can facilitate the implantation of Trichoderma in the rhizosphere.

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