Plant Extracts

The roots of the best crops

AUXYM is a complex of natural plant extracts to optimally stimulate the physiological development of the plant and maximize fruit quality.

A “live” product with the best quality, health, production and balance.


  • Inhibits the growth of pathogenic fungi in the cultivated soil by natural mechanisms, competing for space and nutrients.
  • Induces systemic and focalized resistance in plant to a wide variety of plant pathogens.
  • Increases the crop vigor due to the auxins, siderophores and other bene cial metabolits produced by trichoderma.
  • Improves the fertility and vitality of the soil.



The action of AUXYM is derived from the concentration of biologically active natural substances such as amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, phytokelatins, auxins, cytokinins, humic acids, macro and microelements. This complex is the only product that contains natural, active, complete and balanced biochemical substances.

Bottles of 1 or 5 Litres

Successful stories

Without Auxym

271 g = 30 fruits
9 g/fruit

With Auxym

325 g = 30 fruits
10.8 g/fruit
20% of weight increase

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A complete and balanced contribution

AUXYM acts in a direct and balanced way in the main metabolic pathways of the plant, regulates the transport of nutrients, enhances the process of photosynthesis and also the distribution and optimal accumulation of sugars in different plant organs, ensuring a correct vegetative/productive balance.

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