Bacteria line

Plant growth promoting bacteria
for better crop nutrition

Bactrium contains highly competitive rhizosphere bacteria that colonize the root system. These bacteria improve plant nutrition by solubilizing immobilized phosphorus in the soil and also contribute to the greater availability of iron for all types of crops.

“Bactrium works at various levels: Agronomic and Metabolomic Results”

Atens products

Bactrium generates synergies with our Mycorrhiza-based products

Bacteria contained in Bactrium interact with our Mycorrhiza:

  • Increasing sporulation up to 4 times
  • Stimulating the germination of spores
  • Facilitating root colonization through the production of pectolytic enzymes.


Plant growth promoting bacteria for better crop nutrition

Origin of Bactrium

Mycorrhiza Helper Bacteria

Bacteria contained in Bactrium were isolated from mycorrhizal inoculum in our in vivo reproduction system.

Through a high-throughput sequencing process using Illumina’s Mi-Seq system, a large number of genera were identi ed within the community of bacteria that coexist with our Mycorrhiza.

Once the growth promoting activity of the isolated bacteria had been veri ed, we selected to create Bactrium the two strains (MHBM06 and MHBM77) that showed better capacities.

These microorganisms in association with mycorrhiza facilitate and stimulate mycorrhization, for this reason they are also called Mycorrhiza Helper Bacteria (MHB).



Selected and exclusive strains, reproduced in vivo for a superior quality.


Reproduced by solid mebium using bioreactors, for an outstanding performance.

Mixed Microorganims

The advantages of mycorrhizae, trichoderma and bacteria, in a single product.

Vegetable extracts

Ecological solutions to enhance and complement our microorganisms.

Liquid fertilizers

Foliar fertilizers rich in aminoacids.

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