Industrial tomato crops

Greater vegetative development, flowering and production

The incorporation of mycorrhizae to the crop, through the use of Team, increases the root system of the plant, and therefore, the absorption capacity of nutrients and water. In addition, it provides tomato plants with greater resistance to any type of biotic or abiotic stress, favoring a balanced crop development. It increases the biosynthesis of plant hormones, antioxidants and carotenoids.

It quickly colonizes the soil and the rhizosphere of the plant leaving non-beneficial fungi with no resources and spaces. Fortifies the plant acting at the molecular level. Trichoderma, in combination with mycorrhiza, ensures the strongest roots for tomato crops.

“The soil microbiome, and proper management of this is essential to enhance the yield of the industry tomato crop”.

Gorka Erice, Technical DIrector of Atens

Atens products

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Transcendence of the soil Microbiome on the health and productivity of Tomato

Increasing knowledge about the use of microorganisms in Tomato

In 2018, Atens signed with the CDTI, the development of a revolutionary new research project.

The general objective of this project is the development of a methodology to analyze the soil microbiome using molecular and metabolomic characterization tools, seeking to establish relationships between the results of these analyzes, the health status of the crop and its productive potential.

With this objective in mind, ATENS plans to study of the effects and repercussions at the productive and sanitary level that its trichoderma and mycorrhizal products have on four different crops, one of then, tomato.

In this way, ATENS, seeks to take another step in the development of eco-innovative solutions and offer to his customers new tools for the identification and quantification of microorganisms present in the soil, which translate into specific solutions aimed at improving management of the crop and increase its productivity, based on the use of the company’s own inoculums.


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