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Beneficial microorganisms to promote rapid transplant establishment (starter effect).

It is very important to apply mycorrhizae, Aegis or Asir, at the beginning of the plantation to achieve an increase in the area and volume explored by the roots. The mycorrhizae allow a more effective absorption of mineral elements and water. Aegis and Asir allow to nourish the plant in a balanced way, helping it to assimilate blocked elements in the soil which would not be uptaken in any other way, achieving the increase of production. Applyed together with Heptabiol it produces a synergistic effect on the root system and the rapid establishment of mycorrhizal symbiosis.

We recommend the incorporation of natural active substances that promote growth such as amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, natural auxins and microelements throughout the plant life cycle. The contribution of these substances in appropriate phenological phases increases the resistance of the crop against situations of abiotic stress. It also promotes the fertility of the flowers allowing the formation, setting and growth of a greater number of higher quality fruits.

“The application of beneficial microorganisms at transplanting can promote rapid transplant establishment (starter effect) for achieving early and high yields”.

Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture.
Colla, G., Rouphael, Y., Di Mattia, E., El-Nakhel, C., Cardarelli, M.

Atens products

Recommended products for melon and watermelon growing

The products cover the needs of mycorrhizae, by fertirrigation or in tablets, and Trichoderma as well as the promoters of the root and microbial activity. Fruit set stimulants and amino acids are included for fruit development.



AUXYM is a complex of natural plant extracts to optimally stimulate the physiological development of the plant and maximize fruit quality.

Application of microorganisms to improve Melon production

Use of Mycorrhiza and Trichodermas to increase quality and production

In an open field trial in Cartagena, Spain, we observed the following effects after the application of Micorrizas and Trichodermas on melon:

Higher sugar content
Increase in the size and uniformity of melons.
Greater number of fruits per plant.
Lower number of melons with deformities.
Increase in the amount of BRIX degrees.

The plants were mycorrhized at the time of transplantation, with a repetitionof after 25 days..
An application of Trichoderma Condor was performed 42 days after the transplant.

Details of the test and the protocol used can be requested.


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