Mixed Microorganims line


Beneficial microorganisms to enhance the plant from the root

“We used the ASIR tablets in non-irrigated farms, and the truth is that we have seen the same response as in farms with irrigation. With a minimum amount of fertilizer, we achieve the same foliar mass as in other farms by double or triple fertilization.”

Rafael Marquez, Technical Advisor in CBH Agroinnova

Atens products

The microorganisms that the plant needs in a single tablet

The microorganisms contained in Asir from strains isolated by Atens in collaboration with prestigious research centers such as IRTA and ICIA.

Team Extensivo

Team Extensivo

Product based on mycorrhiza and Trichoderma specially formulated for winter cereal seeds and designed for easy dry application.

Leaders in Innovation

Compatibility between Micorrhiza and Trichoderma

Some strains of Trichoderma are compatible with arbuscular mycorrhizae, however, others are not. It is important to be sure that the Trichoderma that we intend to apply with the mycorrhiza does not compete with it and that both can coexist in the rhizosphere.

When these two organisms, Trichoderma and mycorrhiza, are compatible, joint inoculation generates a positive synergy for plant growth. One of the best known effects is that the promotion of root growth caused by Trichoderma can cause mycorrhization to occur earlier. Similarly, radical exudates from a mycorrhized root can facilitate the implantation of Trichoderma in the rhizosphere.



Selected and exclusive strains, reproduced in vivo for a superior quality.


Reproduced by solid mebium using bioreactors, for an outstanding performance.

Vegetable extracts

Ecological solutions to enhance and complement our microorganisms.

Liquid fertilizers

Anti-deficiency foliar fertilizers rich in amino acids.

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