Organic liquid fertilizers line

Organic liquid fertilizers

Humic acids are natural organic substances that derive from the biological processes of decomposition of plant and animal waste. They are presented as complex macromolecules formed, mainly, by amino acids, carbohydrates and inorganic elements (eg silicates).

Nitrogen and potassium

The organic nitrogen and potassium content, as well as high quality organic matter, it is suitable for fertilizing either fast-growing crops (horticultural crops of leaves or fruits) as those of slower growth and demanding potassium, in the that quality and production is the most important factor (vineyard, olive, fruit trees, tobacco, etc.).

Organic matter and humic acids

In addition to nourishing the crops, it provides a large amount of organic matter and humic acids, which improve the structure of the land, increase water reserves and activate soil microorganisms, reducing soil fatigue, activating and improving soil fertility.

Crop stimulation

Through liquid organic fertilizers, the physiological development of plants is optimally stimulated.

Atens products

Anti-deficiency foliar fertilizers

Liquid fertilizers of plant origin developed to solve plant deficiency problems

Proprietary technology

Innovative and exclusive organic fertilizers

The innovative ISI System, is an activator of crop defense mechanisms against climate and abiotic stress (water, oxidative, cold, heat, salinity, etc.), which offers a preventive action and its effectiveness is strengthened by the presence of organic nitrogen of plant origin.

The HUMO-3G system is a complex of valuable humic substances that are obtained through an exclusive system designed by Atens that stimulates plant development (thanks to the presence of phytostimulant substances), improves the sanitary state of the soil (contains polyphenols and favors the development of useful microorganisms, which reduce the development of pathogens) and has a chelating action on minerals.



Selected and exclusive strains, reproduced in vivo for a superior quality.


Reproduced by solid mebium using bioreactors, for an outstanding performance.

Vegetable extracts

Ecological solutions to enhance and complement our microorganisms.

Mixed Microorganims

The advantages of mycorrhizae, trichoderma and bacteria, in a single product.

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