Table grapes crops

Microorganisms that increase quality and production

The incorporation of mycorrhizae to the crop increases the root system of the plant, and therefore, the absorption capacity of nutrients and water. In addition, it provides table grapes with greater resistance to any type of biotic or abiotic stress, favoring a balanced crop development.

It quickly colonizes the soil and the rhizosphere of the plant leaving non-beneficial fungi with no resources and spaces. Fortifies the plant acting at the molecular level. Trichoderma, in combination with mycorrhiza, ensures the strongest roots for table grapes crops.

“With Atens products, we clearly we see increases in quality and production. The limit between the treated zone with Atens products and the control zone is also clearly visible.”

Hector Rodríguez, Area Manager de Atens, while visitin a trial in CIeza, Spain

Atens products

Recommended products for table grapes growing

The products cover the needs of mycorrhizae and Trichoderma as well as the promoters of the root and microbial activity. Fruit set stimulants and organic matter is included for the development of the fruit.



AUXYM is a complex of natural plant extracts to optimally stimulate the physiological development of the plant and maximize fruit quality.

Auxym for table grape

Better grape clusters and superior quality

Auxym, stimulates the elongation and improves the shape of the clusters in the first stages, preventing the breakage of the grapes and therefore promoting excellent ripening. During summer, Auxym keeps the leaves more active which stimulates a higher concentration of sugars and the synthesis of polyphenols. All this leads to a more uniform fruit ripening.

Longer clusters Increase grapes(best fruit).
Increase the degree of sugar.
More coloration Uniform ripening.
Increase the resistance of plants to stress.
It improves the fertility of the bulds.


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