Trichodermas line


TK7 is a astrain of Trichoderma koningii, a “living” product composed by a beneficial microorganism that helps the roots to cope with diverse streses. Trichoderma is a saprophyte fungus that rapidly colonizes the rhizosphere and improves the plant development.

“The most important problems we find today are the proliferation of pests and diseases, and the increasing limitations we have at the governmental and regulatory level. In that sense, one of the main decisions of our company is to bet on sustainable products, for products that respect the environment and for products that have a 100% natural origin.”

Máximo Cañete. Chief Executive and Owner of CBH Agroinnova

Atens products

The best biological support for the roots

The best Trichoderma strains reproduced with the best method of production available in the market.

Covenant Trichoderma

Covenant Trichoderma

Inoculum based on Trichoderma koningii that contains Rhizoglomus irregularulare and rhizosphere bacteria. It is formulated for the industrial liquid coating of seeds.


Benefits from the use of Trichoderma

It quickly colonizes the soil and the rhizosphere of the plant leaving non-beneficial fungi with no resources and spaces. Fortifies the plant acting at the molecular level. Increases the growth of the crop by the synthesis of auxins and siderophs among other metabolites. Improves soil fertility and vitality.



Selected and exclusive strains, reproduced in vivo for a superior quality.

Mixed Microorganims

The advantages of mycorrhizae, trichoderma and bacteria, in a single product.

Vegetable extracts

Ecological solutions to enhance and complement our microorganisms.

Liquid fertilizers

Anti-deficiency foliar fertilizers rich in amino acids.

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