Rhizosphere bacteria with a promoting effect on plant growth and biostimulant.
Bactrium is a product based on two strains of Bacillus megaterium and application through irrigation water.


Rhizosphere bacteria reproduced in liquid-state fermenters:
Bacillus megaterium MHBM06 5 x 10^9 CFU/g
Bacillus megaterium MHBM77 5 x 10^9 CFU/g

Recommended application dose

Bactrium is disolved in irrigation water and applied to the soil through any fertigation system.

The recommended dose is 2 l/ha with applications distributed throughout the crop cycle.


Optimizes the use of

phosphorous and iron fertilizers

Solubilizes phosphorus, a scarce natural resource,

immobilized due to salinity conditions or soil pH (>7.5)

Unblocks iron and fights against iron

chlorosis in conditions of high redox potential and pH.

It improves the phosphorus-iron interaction, generally discordant

the minimum solubility of iron is between pH 7.5 and 8.5, coinciding with the edaphic conditions that inhibit phosphorus.

Increases production (kg / ha).

Better access to nutrients allows for greater crop growth.