Plant Extracts

The products based on Atens plant extracts are non-microbial complexes capable of optimally stimulating the physiological development of the plant.

Plant extracts as biostimulants

They promote plant metabolism and cell division, enhance crop growth and development, and increase plant resistance to disease and unfavorable weather conditions.

How does plant extracts can help agriculture?

It is an indispensable for agriculture:

Natural ans specific selection process

Atens plant extract products are composed of raw materials selected according to a specific composition to promote a process such as enhancing the colonization of mycorrhizal roots, repelling nematodes or recovery after the attack of pathogenic fungi and bacteria.

Anti-stress solutions

They act by solving specific stress situations that affect the normal development of crops.


The benefits associated with plant extracts can be as diverse as their composition. Within this category, non-microbial biostimulants help plants to increase the efficiency in the use of nutrients, increase tolerance to a specific abiotic stress or help that the productivity of the plants results in superior quality. Among the plant extracts of Atens we find products with these characteristics:

Rooting agents with antioxidant activity that favor the implantation of edaphic microorganisms.

Extracts that enhance the recovery of plants after fungal and /or bacterial attacks.

Biostimulants based on protein hydrolysates rich in dipeptides that nourish the plant, favor the chelation of mineral elements and act synergistically with the bacteria of the rhizosphere.

Own production technology

The manufacturing process of products based on Atens plant extracts comprises different stages:

Extraction of compounds of interest from a careful selection of plants and their different organs such as roots, stems, leaves, flowers or fruits.
Extracts formulated to obtain the most effective concentration and achieve the desired objective.
The amino acids they contain are exclusively of plant origin, which, due to their levorotatory nature, maintain their maximum biological functionality and are rapidly absorbed through the stomata.
In this way, they represent an energy saving for the plant, intervening in the metabolic processes and managing to recover optimal conditions of development in the plant.

PGPB Bacteria. Metagenomics and metabolomics

The analyzes carried out in the laboratory of Atens, NGAlab, have revealed the 1061 plant compounds that make up Heptabiol Rad and how it regulates the plants after its application.

Altering its metabolism through the increase of auxins, gibberellins, jasmonates and brassinosteroids, it has a direct action on the plant favoring the detoxification of reactive oxygen species. It also helps plants cope with water stress with the addition of glycine betaine. The energy savings derived from its immediate availability are invested by the plant in quality growth and production.

In parallel, Heptabiol Rad has an action on microorganisms due to its quercetin content that favors mycorrhization and its organic composition contributes to the establishment of Trichoderma and PGOB in the soil.

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FAQS Atens. Any questions?

What makes Atens plant extracts different?

Atens plant extracts are 100% of natural origin All the components are of plant origin, so the treated plants can quickly metabolize them and exert their activity immediately. They are certified products without residues of organochlorine or organophosphate pesticides. They are not harmful to the environment or human health.

What are the main functions of Atens plant extracts?

The composition of the plant extracts has been taken care of so that it is complete in the role they must play, seeking balance in their complex formulations. The molecules that compose them cause metabolomic reprogramming by acting at biochemical levels and in parallel affecting plant nutrition. They are quickly absorbed by plants with the consequent immediate availability of nutrients for plants. The contribution of organic compounds such as amino acids satisfies not only the biochemical demand for these elements but also allows energy savings that can be derived from other processes such as development and production. Applied under stress conditions and with plants subjected to high demands, they prevent the collapse of the crops or the deformation of the fruits.

Are they compatible with other microorganisms?

Atens plant extracts are completely compatible with our microorganisms. We have shown that some of these products act synergistically promoting the bacterial and fungal populations of the rhizosphere. For example, the quercetin contained in products such as Heptabiol favors rapid mycorrhization, stimulating the growth of the mycelium and the branching of the hyphae, thus facilitating the symbiosis between the spore and the root of the crop. Its organic compositions favor the establishment of Trichoderma and plant growth promoting bacteria in the rhizosphere.