Heptabiol Rad

Biostimulant obtained from seven botanical extracts that promotes root development, flowering and fruit formation.
Heptabiol Rad is a product based on plant extracts with rooting effect, it modulates the growth of the plant and protects it against temperature and saline stress. It promotes rapid effective mycorrhization by activating beneficial soil microorganisms.


Heptabiol Rad is formulated by combining 7 botanical extracts:
Total Nitrogen (N): 2%
Total humic extract: 16%
Humic acids: 12%
Fulvic acids: 4%
Organic matter: 16%

Recommended application dose

Heptabiol Rad in liquid format

is dissolved into the irrigation water and it is applied to the soil through any fertigation system.

The recommended dose is 3-5 L/ha



Antioxidant that invigorates the crop,

delays cell aging and protects against oxidative stress.

Strengthens cell

walls increasing their resistance.

Helps combat situations

of hydric stress and restore balance against stress.

Stimulates mycorrhization and

the establishment of Trichoderma and PGPBs.