Seed Treatment

Biostimulants designed to increase the resistance of crops to situations of abiotic stress, enhancing the root system.

Industrial seed treatment applications

Inoculums based on mycorrhizae (Rhizoglomus irregulare BEG72 and Funneliformis mosseae BEG234), Trichoderma koningii TK7 and rhizosphere bacteria specially formulated for industrial liquid coating or seed granules.

How can microbial boost my seeds?

It is an indispensable for agriculture:

Incorporation of beneficial microorganisms

in the sowing, so that they are quickly accessible to the roots during the critical phases of germination.

Formulations that mix

different concentrations of mycorrhizae, Trichoderma and plant growth promoting bacteria.


The benefits derive from the microorganisms included in the formulation

Increases the production (kg/ha) and the profitability of the crops (+Caliber, + Homogeneity, + Earliness, + Advance in the maturation of the fruit).

Improves the nutraceutical, nutritional and organoleptic quality of crops (+ Brix, ++ Proteins, + Antioxidants, + Vitamins, + Post-harvest shelf life).

Reduces the use of fertilizers, improving access to and absorption of soil nutrients and saving water and increasing its productivity (production per water consumed), improving its absorption and tolerance to water stress situations.

Optimal response to abiotic stress conditions (salinity, drought, extreme temperatures or heavy metals).

Promotes a helpful microbiota that increases resistance to pathogens.

Improves soil fertility and increases tolerance to root stress situations.

Own production technology

It incorporates a unique technology in its powder formulation for dissolution in water for liquid application.
It allows the spores of the strains of the exclusive Atens® microorganisms to adhere to the surface of the seeds in an efficient and stable way.
100% natural, they reduce handling costs and do not need to be disposed of by seed companies.

Patented seed coating – International patent for seed treatment.
Europe EP16831489; International WO / 2017/068218

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FAQS Atens. Any questions?

What does each of the component contribute for?

The Mycorrhiza included in the formulation will improve the uptake of nutrients by the plant, particularly phosphorus, helping to maintain plant health while helping it to overcome abiotic stresses such as drought, salinity, toxicity to certain adverse elements and pH. This is due to the greater extension of the root system, penetration into the substrates and the secretion of enzymes. On the other hand, Trichoderma has been shown to be capable of increasing the solubility of soil micronutrients such as zinc, copper or manganese. Likewise, it can produce metabolites with hormonal activity. It is true that the combination of these two organisms has not always had consistent results in terms of the meaning of their interaction. This variation is related to the strains of both fungi. Recent studies have shown that certain Mycorrhizae-Trichoderma combinations act synergistically during transplantation, improving both nutrient uptake and plant growth and, finally, crop production. This combination of microorganisms acting together and applied simultaneously is commonly called a consortium. From our experience, the tripartite combination of Mycorrhizae-Trichoderma-bacteria from the rhizosphere forms a consortium whose effects result in the greatest success of the transplant. Trichoderma develops rapidly colonizing the rhizosphere and promoting root development, which facilitates the implantation of the mycorrhiza. At the same time, the exudates from the new root can nourish both Trichoderma and the beneficial bacteria that will help to capture nutrients while the three types of organisms occupy the space, making it difficult for pathogenic fungi to access the roots. The contribution of the matrix of the tablet ensures that the plant has its immediate nutritional needs covered while the patented vegetable fiber provides a suitable environment in the rhizosphere. Its high water and nutrient retention capacity make it suitable for all types of management, but in dryland crops, due to its properties, it makes a particularly good difference compared to a bare root. It is in these conditions that the Asir transplant tablet considerably reduces plant loss, increasing the vigor and vitality of crops.

Is there compatibility between mycorrhiza and trichoderma?

The mycorrhiza produced in Atens is 100% compatible with the other microorganisms developed by the company (Trichoderma and/or bacteria). In the case of combination with Trichoderma, a rapid colonization of the root by the mycorrhiza has been observed due to the rooting effect of Trichoderma. We have also shown that Atens bacteria facilitate colonization through the production of pectolytic enzymes. Clarification, these synergies are only guaranteed between products developed by the company.