Condor Shield

Trichoderma and rhizosphere bacteria with biofertilizing and biostimulant effect.
Condor Shield is a product based on Trichoderma and bacteria that promote plant growth and application through irrigation water.


Trichoderma reproduced in solid state bioreactor:
Trichoderma koningii TK7 1×10^9 CFU/g
Rhizosphere bacteria:
Bacillus megaterium 1×10^7 CFU/g

Recommended application dose

Condor Shield dissolves in the irrigation water and is applied to the soil through any fertigation system.

The recommended dose is 2 kg/ha with applications distributed throughout the crop cycle.


It stimulates the root system with the following results

Increased uptake of nutrients

especially iron through the production of siderophores.

Promotes crop growth, increasing its vigor.

Improves soil fertility.

Increases tolerance to root stress situations.