Tucan Plus

Biostimulant from botanical extracts that recovers the plant in stressful situations.
Tucan Plus is a phytofortifyer which contributes significantly to plant development.


Tucan Plus is made up of plant extracts from plants selected for their high content of phenolic compounds.
One of the main properties of phenols is to act as powerful natural antioxidants. In this way, they allow plants to effectively detoxify reactive oxygen species (ROS) that are produced in aerobic metabolic processes.
Under stress conditions, this production of ROS is increased with the consequent risk of degrading molecules and cellular structures. The rapid elimination of these harmful molecules is essential to ensure the growth and development of plants.

Recommended application dose

Tucan Plus in liquid format dissolves into water and is applied foliarly.

The recommended dose is 2-3L/ha or 2-3 cc/L.

It is recommended to repeat the treatment every 12-15 days as appropriate.


Tucan Plus has biostimulant action

that accelerates plant metabolism in response to stress situations.

Tucan Plus fortifies the plant

while simultaneously promoting its growth.

After its application it is absorbed

and in a few hours its effects are noticeable throughout the plant.

Its action is mediated by juvenile hormones

mainly cytokinins and brassinosteroids, responsible for the development and regeneration of plant tissue.