The best biological support for the roots

CONDOR SHIELD is a “living” product composed by Trichoderma koningii TK7, a beneficial microorganism that helps the roots to cope against various kind of stresses. Ttrichoderma is a saprophyte fungus that rapidly colonizes the rhzosphere and enhances the plant development.

A “living” product with the best quality, care, production and balance.


  •  It quickly colonizes the soil and the rhizosphere of the plant leaving other non-beneficial fungi with no resources and space.
  • Fortifies the plant acting at molecular level.
  • Increases the crop growth due to the auxins, siderophores and other beneficial metabolites produced by Trichoderma.
  • Improves the fertility and vitality of the soil.
  • Atens have sequenced the complete genome of TK7 strain and identified all the genes related to plant growth promotion allowing us to define our strain as PGPF (Plant Growth Promotion Fungi).


Trichoderma koningii TK7: 1 x 10⁹ CFU/g
pH: 7.0

Bacillus megaterium: 1 x 10⁷ CFU/g
Packaging of 0.5 Kg and 1.0 Kg

Successful stories

Without trichoderma

Severely affected Tomato plants

With trichoderma

7 days after the application of  1.5 kg/Ha of CONDOR

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Proprietary technology

The Trichoderma strain included in CONDOR was isolated by ATENS laboratories

Trichoderma presents a great production in all types of crops. CONDOR can grow in a wide range of temperatures and soil pH, making it a biological resource with a wide spectrum and great versatility. CONDOR is produced in a bioreactor by a solid state fermentation process, obtaining mature and stable spores, which ensures an effective colonization of the soil. The fermentation methodology of Trichoderma has been been developed and patented by the R&D team of ATENS.

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