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Atens products obtain the new European registration for biostimulants

Atens has obtained the CE conformity of two biostimulants based on Mycorrhiza, Aegis WP and Aegis Microgranule. These are the first Atens products to obtain this certificate, in accordance with the new European Regulation 2019/1009, which allows their free trade in the 27 countries of the European Union.

Proven benefits

These certifications endorse the quality and benefits of Atens products, demonstrated through the relevant studies and trials presented to the regulatory authority, covering extensive, perennial woody and horticultural species.

In the case of Aegis WP, its benefits are certified when it comes to increasing plant development (root improvement) and aerial biomass (g/plant), as well as production yield (kg/plant), the proportion of marketable fruit (kg/plant) and dry weight yield (kg/ha).

Regarding Aegis Microgranule, its use is proven to achieve improved quality aspects such as plant development, total biomass (g/plant), relative growth rate (g/day), total fruit production (kg/plant, kg/ha) and marketable fruit production (kg/plant).

Expansion and internationalization

These two registrations are a very important step in the internationalization and expansion strategy of Atens, and will facilitate the distibution of the products in the countries of the European Union, consolidating Atens as a reference in microorganisms.

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