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How to ensure a good melon and watermelon crop?

It is very important to apply mycorrhizae, through Aegis, Team or Asir, at the beginning of planting to achieve an increase volume of the soil explored by the roots. Discover our approach to soil management, and the opportunity to grow your business using our technology.

It is very important to apply mycorrhizae, through Aegis or Asir, at the beginning of planting to achieve an increase volume of the soil explored by the roots. The mycorrhizae of Aegis and Asir develop a mycelium from the plant root that allows the most effective uptake of mineral elements from the soil and the redistribution of water and nutritional resources in the plantation. Aegis and Asir allow the plant to be developed in a more balanced way, helping it to assimilate elements blocked in the soil and that otherwise would not be absorbed by the root itself, resulting in increases in agricultural production. Applied together with Heptabiol lead to synergistic effect on the root system and to the fastest establishment of mycorrhizal symbiosis.

The application of Asir Horto during transplanting allows to improve the nutrition and to reduce the stress of the plant. The application of beneficial microorganisms (Mycorrhiza, Trichoderma and PGPR Bacteria) stimulates growth and help to solubilize phosphorus and microelements. Moreover, It activates the defences of the crops against pathogens. In addition, ASIR HORTO also provides organic matter, which is essential for microorganisms and the plant in the initial phase of cultivation. Additionally, the degradation of organic matter by microorganisms improves the soil structure, supplying mineral elements that favour the balanced development of the plant.

As a complement to these treatments, we recommend the incorporation of natural growth-promoting active substances such as amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, natural auxins, and microelements throughout the life cycle of the plant. The contribution of these substances in precise phenological stages increases the resistance of the crop against abiotic stress situations, and enhances the fertility of the flowers, allowing the formation and growth of a greater number of quality fruits. A good example of this is Auxym, a complex of plant extracts that will stimulate the plant by increasing the fruit set.

Featured Products Within the Atens protocol

Mycorrhiza: Aegis Irriga and Team Horticola

In the case of both melon and watermelon cultivation, Atens mycorrhizae can establish a rapid symbiosis, allowing these plants characterized by rapid growth to take advantage of all the nutrients available in the soil and that we provide them with fertilization. Later in the cycle, these fungi will help the fruits to be of a

more homogeneous size. In addition, farmers value how our mycorrhizae can regulate the development of plants, facilitating crop management. The precocity of the mycorrhizal plants will ensure that the fruits can be marketed earlier, reaching higher levels of Brix degrees.

Trichoderma: Condor Shield

The application of Condor Shield will help us to develop a root system powerful enough to sustain the higher production we are looking for. In this way, it is expected that the higher production achieved in terms of number of pieces per area will be also accompanied by fruit sizes with greater commercial potential. In the case of melons, the higher production of pieces combined with a contained size results in a higher profitability of the exploitation.

Plant Extracts: Heptabiol

It is the complement so that mycorrhizal colonization occurs in the shortest possible time, thus giving a high efficiency of the mycorrhiza from the first stages and that makes a difference in production and profitability of our culture. Applied together with Trichoderma it helps to its establishment in the soil so that its competitive growth in the rhizosphere contribute to the development of the roots that must support the needs of a highly productive plant.

Plant Extracts: Auxym

It is the complex of plant extracts that will stimulate the plant by increasing the set of the flowers. It prevents the fall of the flowers by enhancing fruit set through the translocation of nutrients to the flower buds. The same mechanism of action is also used to improve fruit quality, colour, and firmness. Together with the rest of the Atens solutions to be used in melon and watermelon, it favours the organoleptic quality of the fruits, closely related to the brix degrees.

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