Aegis Sym Gel

Arbuscular mycorrhiza and rhizosphere bacteria with biofertilizing and biostimulant effect.
Aegis SymGel is a specially concentrated mycorrhiza-based product and direct application on the bare root.


In vivo reproduced mycorrhiza:
Rhizoglomus irregulare MV1 100 spores/g
Rhizosphere bacteria:
Bacteria of the rhizosphere 10^7CFU/g

Recommended application dose

Aegis Sym Gel is applied directly to the bare root of plants.

The recommended dose varies depending on the species and the root volume that needs to be covered.

In horticultural crops the dose is 4-8 cc/plant, in vineyard 10 cc/plant and in fruit trees is 15 cc/plant.


It is capable of improving the structure of the soil

thanks to the formation of aggregates due to the production of protein glomalin and to its hyphae that provide sustenance to microbiological life in the rhizosphere.

Increases production (kg/ha) and increases the profitability of the crop

(+Size, +Homogeneity, +Precocity, +Advance in fruit ripening, +Postharvest shelf life).

Reduces the use of fertilizers

by improving access and absorption of nutrients from the soil.

Improves the nutraceutical, nutritional and organoleptic quality of crops

+ Brix, + Proteins, + Antioxidants, + Vitamins.

It saves water and increases its productivity

(production per water consumed), improving its absorption and tolerance to water stress situations.

Increases resistance to salinity (Na) or pH.