Asir Fruit Bio

Arbuscular mycorrhiza, Trichoderma and rhizosphere bacteria with biofertilizing and biostimulant effect.
Asir Fruit Bio is a product based on mycorrhiza, Trichoderma and bacteria with fertilizer in tablet format and direct application in the transplant hole for fruit trees.


In vivo reproduced mycorrhiza:
Rhizoglomus irregular BEG72 50 spores/g
Funneliformis mosseae BEG234 50 spores/g
Trichoderma reproduced in solid state bioreactor:
Trichoderma koningii TK7 1×10^7 CFU/g
Rhizosphere bacteria:
Bacillus megaterium MHBM06 1×10^7 CFU/g
Bacillus megaterium MHBM77 1×10^7 CFU/g
Free amino acids: 2%
Total Nitrogen (N): 3%
Organic Nitrogen (N): 3%
Phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5) soluble in water: 3%

Recommended application dose

Asir Fruit Bio is applied directly in the transplant hole.

The recommended dose is 1 tablet per plant in the transplant.


Increases production (kg/ha) and increases the profitability of the crop

(+Size, +Homogeneity, +Precocity, +Advance in fruit ripening, +Postharvest shelf life).

Improves the nutraceutical, nutritional and organoleptic quality of crops

+ Brix, + Proteins, + Antioxidants, + Vitamins.

Reduces the use of fertilizers

by improving access and absorption of nutrients from the soil.

It saves water and increases its productivity

(production per water consumed), improving its absorption and tolerance to water stress situations.

Optimal response to abiotic stress conditions

(salinity, drought, extreme temperatures or heavy metals).

Promotes a helpful microbiota

that increases resistance to pathogens.

Improves soil fertility.

Increases tolerance to root stress situations.


International patent for the plant fiber included in its formulation to reduce water stress in plants, providing greater availability of water, avoiding the leaching of nutrients in episodes of excessive irrigation.

Europe EP173802027; International WO2018134465A1