Preservation of Mediterranean Forests: the LIFE FAGESOS Project

Climate change poses a significant threat to forest ecosystems. The LIFE FAGESOS project emerges as a direct response to this challenge, aiming to address and remedy one of the most serious threats: the outbreak of Exotic and Invasive Plant Pathogens that negatively impact natural and semi-natural forest ecosystems. Diseases associated with Phytophthora are increasing their […]

Atens products obtain the new European registration for biostimulants


Atens has obtained the CE conformity of two biostimulants based on Mycorrhiza, Aegis WP and Aegis Microgranule. These are the first Atens products to obtain this certificate, in accordance with the new European Regulation 2019/1009, which allows their free trade in the 27 countries of the European Union. Proven benefits These certifications endorse the quality […]