Next Generation Agronomics Laboratory

In NGAlab we have a multiomic platform for the study of soil microorganisms, their diversity and how they affect agrosystems.


Metagenomic sequencing is a culture-independent, high-throughput analysis of the bacterial or fungal composition of environmental samples. NGALAB is specialized in microbiome analysis related to the agricultural environment, which include rhizosphere and phyllosphere. We carry out metagenomic analyses of the 16S rRNA gene for bacteria and 18S rRNA gene for fungi, offering end-to-end microbiome research services. This provides our customers with a comprehensive view into the diversity and abundance or functional gene composition of the plant microbiome, which greatly influence plant performances.


Proteomics is the identification and characterisation of proteins, their structures and functions. The advanced Mass Spectrometry facilities of NGALAB use cutting-edge technology to analyse the microbial proteome. We use Label Free quantification methods such as nLC-MS/MS for the identification and quantification of protein. The integration of proteomics and genomics data provide our customer with a comprehensive understanding of a biological system. NGALAB is involved in numerous research efforts in biosciences, working within such areas as microbial gene expression and modulation of plant growth.


Metabolomics is the study of biological small-molecules (metabolites), which is done by using advanced technologies such as mass spectrometry combined with sophisticated statistical methods for data interpretation. Metabolites underpin the biochemical reactions that give rise to living systems, such as converting glucose into energy, sending and receiving information in the form of chemical signals and providing the building blocks for complex macromolecules. While the metabolome can be measured in virtually any biological system, NGALAB centre its efforts on plant and microbial metabolome: by quantifying the changes taking place inside cells at specific times and under specific environmental conditions, we offer an unbiased view of the complex changes and interactions that take place in functioning biochemical networks.

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