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Independent manufacturer and supplier of the most advanced microbial based solutions for agriculture.
We rely on Metabolomics and Genomics to design and validate our solutions.

Pioneer and world reference in microorganisms

Atens is a biotech company that powers the transition to a sustainable agriculture with microorganisms as a 100% sustainable and ecological way to optimize soil management.

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Trichoderma are saprophytic fungi that feed on organic matter. They are able to rapidly colonize the rhizosphere and can substantially improve plant development and health.
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Mycorrhiza is the symbiotic relationship between the roots of a plant and certain soil fungi that optimize plant growth and development. The mycorrhizae colonize the roots, and in exchange for plant photosynthesized, it facilitates greater and better absorption of nutrients and water.  
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Plant growth promoting bacteria (PGPB) are microorganisms present in the rhizosphere of healthy plants.
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Microbial Mix

A complete portfolio of microbial-based products that promote balanced growth and ensure the success of crops. Biostimulants with a starter effect, and enriched with a patented technology that improves water availability to plants and microorganisms in the rhizosphere while preventing the leaching of nutrients in episodes of excessive irrigation.
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Seed Treatment

Biostimulants designed to increase the resistance of crops to situations of abiotic stress, enhancing the root system.
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Soil analysis, metagenomics, and metabolomics are invaluable tools that aid farmers in making informed decisions to optimize agricultural practices. Our objective is to use genetic and metabolic diversity to develop biotechnological applications reflected in agricultural products of high nutraceutical and agronomic value, which have a positive impact on human health. “An agriculturist who comprehends their soil’s chemical and biological status gains a strategic advantage in effectively managing their crops and achieving high yields.”

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Being the manufacturer of our products allows us to offer a wide variety of options and flexibility to meet unique needs and adapt to the challenges of any client. Atens has continuously invested in creating a high degree of vertical integration across its product lines. Managing each aspect of the supply chain ensures high-quality performance and superior value.

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Inspired by nature, we combine the power of microbiological technology with experience in the field to optimize yields and quality of crop production.

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